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Doing this unprecedented time, I hope you find health and peace.


I have had the chance to speak to many of my readers. Sent a few video messages checking on everyone, and continue to post corny jokes to bring a smile. Anything to help during these uncertain times.  

I am sure everyone is keeping busy. I am writing and editing, excited to release several books within the year. Please continue to stay safe and take of yourself.

Stay well,



Powerful Bastard is up for most anticipated new romance releases for July 2020 on Goodreads.

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"Books are a way to bring light in the darkness we are in."

ZN Willett


July 12, 2020


Acquired Asset was picked up by a publisher, and made into a series.
Apple Books is having a presale if you haven’t grabbed the book before it was picked up, now is your chance!




*Coming to other digital retailers soon


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PA Extraordinaires Book Boxes is the exclusive provider for ZN Willett book boxes and signed paperbacks. Each box will contain the selected signed paperback(s) plus equal amount eBook codes! Exclusive swag and cool bookish items such as tote bags, jewelry, candles and more are included. A portion of your purchase is proudly donated to support local and national charities. *Signed Paperbacks will include bonus eBook code



William and Sophia Warren were the picture perfect power couple; who took the market by storm. He was handsome in stature; she was the beauty every woman envied. Together they were a force to be reckoned with; apart, a fatal accident you couldn't look away from. Their divorce, explosive. Leaving bodies in the aftermath; including mine, Brooklyn Scott.

Two weeks ago, I was Mrs. Warren's Executive Assistant; a woman of elegance, grace and class. Now, I'm employed by Mr. Warren, a bullish, vehement, and Neanderthal of a man. Who by divine fate stole the controlling shares of Warren International Realty, adding me as a bonus.

However, things weren't going to be that simple.

William Warren may have started the war, but I sure as hell will finish it.



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